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..through the city at dark. Behind every corner you look. Over every wall you climb. In every alley you go.

But everywhere the same. Coldness. Anonymity.

Happy people with fake laughter and empty eyes. Shattered dreams and broken promises.

Promises of a better life and dreams of hope.

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First Day...

... and the only thing to do is smile.

Listen and Smile.  If you don´t... "What wrong?"

Wrong? Nothing, i´m just not getting paid to put on this dumb smile all the time. I´m gettng paid for doing my work.

 Obviously ... others ain´t.

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.. even as time progresses. Not all of us go with it. Some of us are just staying behind. Never looking forward. Just looking back. So we dont have to be afraid of what lies ahead.

 Never seeing how good everything could work out. Just seeing the miserable outcomes of our future.

 So we loose everything we hold dear, because we didnt change, for we were terrified to loose them if we do.

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